The weirdest reloading press malfunction I’ve ever had.


I figured that running the press would be a good chore to get out of the way for the holiday.

Just a few minutes ago, the press suddenly stopped seating primers properly.

After stopping what I was doing, clearing the plate of rounds, and taking some time to investigate, I found a primer stuck to the bottom of the shell plate platform.

Seemingly in defiance of gravity, it wasn’t even jammed on anything. Tapping it with my finger sent it scurrying off for some dusty corner of the basement.

February Blackwater 3-Gun

Last Sunday, as has become a habit, I shot the monthly Blackwater 3-Gun match. This time, though, I brought my new HD camcorder along…

I ended up winning the match by just over half a second.

The Good:
Shotgun – I ran the shotgun better than I ever have. Loading, accuracy, and speed were all excellent. It’s probably fair to say that I won this match on the shotgun.
Movement – Looking at some of my old match video from last year, my movement has been improving a great deal. I still have a lot of work to do on this part of my game, but my progress has been pretty significant.

The Bad:
Rifle – I don’t know if I’ve just been getting faster with the other guns, but my rifle shooting seems really slow, especially offhand and supported offhand. It’s probably well past time to break out the .22LR and do some serious position shooting practice.

Fun match as always. Next month, the season really begins to heat up, so expect to see more posts like this.


Hollywood Guns

There were a couple of displays with movie guns at SHOT. Fans of Firefly ought to recognize this one…

And fans of Dirty Harry should recognize the next one.

Smith and Wesson actually had a pretty large display with about ten guns that had been used in various movies on display, including the revolver from XXX, the gun Sameul L. Jackson carried in The Spirit, and the S&W Model 76 that Heath Ledger used in The Dark Night.

Lancer Systems L15 Lower Receiver and Quickmag

One of the things at SHOT that I think will be of interest to a lot of 3 Gun shooters is the new modular receiver system that Lancer has released, the L15. It uses a pin and slot system so you can swap out mag wells on your rifle.

The Lancer L15 system with no attached magazine well, showing the attachment points.

This is what it looks like with the competition mag well installed.

Swapping magazine wells with this system is just a matter of knocking out one pin, sliding the current mag well off, and replacing it with the one you want to use.

The other cool thing that Lancer had on display, and one that a lot of 3 Gun shooters will be interested in is their Quickmag system. While it looks like products that are already on the market that allow you to carry an additional magazine on the gun, the Quickmag is designed in such a way that when you press the button to release the spare magazine, it also activates the magazine release on your rifle. Basically, with the push of a single button, you can dump your empty and release a fresh magazine. It was extremely easy to use this product to execute a rifle reload in a second or less. It was cool enough that it’s the one product I actually shot video of:

The Quickmag design is still being refined, and they’re hoping to release it later this year.

Back to the local matches…

I shot a two-stage local match last Monday night and managed to land slightly above middle of the pack in all divisions, 13th out of 29 shooters, and, surprisingly, first place in Production Division.

Not too shabby for as little range time as I’ve been getting lately.

On the gear side of things, I’m really, really liking the M&P Pro. After the match, I sent the gun off to get a trigger job on it. It’s about the best M&P trigger I’ve ever felt, and I’ll have more info on it once I get a chance to test fire it at the range.

Next up will be a couple of magazine extensions for shooting 3gun, and I should have all of my pistol bases covered.

SHOT Post #2

Yeah, I know, as usual I’m late to the game, but here we go anyway:

SHOT was awesome. If you ever have the chance to attend the SHOT Show, I highly recommend it. Ok, so on to the good stuff…

Tactical Solutions

TacSol, they of the coolest rimfire kits and accessories known to man, did not disappoint:

They had their Glock rimfire conversion kits. Certainly not the first company to make a conversion kit, but the inclusion of a threaded barrel is certainly a plus, especially since sound suppressors seem to be going mainstream.

Speaking of which:

Also, TacSol will be selling the new Black Dog 50 round drum magazines. These have a couple of neat features, including a unique loading method that is very thumb-friendly, and the ability to swap out feed towers so that you can use the same drum for either a 10/22 or with a rimfire AR upper receiver:

Troy Industries

Troy industries makes some very cool stuff, and in the offing, they’ve got some unique AR products, and, while I didn’t get a chance to take any photos, they’ve got some suppressors in the works that will be very cool.

But first…
Do you know where I can find Sarah Connor?

Troy was also demoing this rifle float tube with an integrated flip-up front sight. Definitely a cool piece of kit with obvious functionality.

Note the diamond-shaped rear sight and the GPS unit embedded in the stock.

This might be helpful when my brain stops functioning and I get lost on one of those blasted memory stages…

Ok, that’s all for now. I’ll update periodically with more pics…

SHOT Show 2011

One thing that just can’t really be conveyed about SHOT is how huge it is. No matter how many times someone says “It was so big, there was no way to see everything there.” until you actually see it, there’s no real way to comprehend the scale of the thing. There’s literally something to appeal to everyone. On one end, you may find yourself rubbing elbows with the outdoor guys who run the Montana Canvas Tent Company (hint hint, f you want to get me something for Christmas) and the next thing you know, you’re talking to the Milkor rep about the innovations of their revolving grenade launcher. (hint, hint, if you want to get me something for Hanukkuh*.)

If it has anything whatsoever to do with shooting, it’s there.

So, here are the first round of highlights of the show for me.

Shooting Celebrities

-Getting to shake hands and shoot the bull for a couple of minutes with Jerry Miculek. Very nice guy.
-Getting to see Taran Butler again, and hearing the Jennifer Garner story. (You have to ask him about this story. I couldn’t do it justice.)
-Running into Caleb Giddings of Gun Nuts Media and Top Shot fame and hanging out with him for a bit.

-Getting to see Larry Corriea and getting a signed copy of Monster Hunter Vendetta as well as the chance to handle the custom 10mm/40 S&W blaster STI built for him. (Also, some of my artwork will be appearing in his upcoming book, Hard Magic)

-Getting to speak with Rob Pincus for the first time in several years.
Justin and Rob Pincus

-Getting to meet Michael Bane again. He took top honors at this year’s Outdoor Channel Golden Moose Awards. You know you’ve arrived when Larry Potterfield, owner of Midway USA does your intro.
Chris, Justin, and Michael Bane

Non-Celebrities who I’ve wanted to meet for a long time
-Derek Zeanah, who’s been footing the bill for THR from day 1. He’s a thoroughly nice guy.
-JShirley, another longtime mod on THR, and a man who’s opinion I’ve respected for a good long while. He knows more about knives than I could ever hope for.
-hso, another staff member at THR. Dude should be hosting his own science show on TV.
-Owen, who’s now been nominated to staff at THR. Great guy, has forgotten more about guns than I’ll ever know.

But that’s not what you read this site for. You read it for the gun stuff.

Oh, and was there ever gun stuff…

That’ll be up next.

*Ok, not really.