Practice Log – 10/11/2008

Place: Thurmont Conservation and Sportsmans Club

Gear: TSS 5″ Limited Gun, 300 rounds of .40 180grn. match ammo

Goals: Focus for the day was on 1.) testing my new 20-round STI/Bolen magazines, 2.) transitions, and 3.) position entries and exits.

Got to the range at around 2:30pm, and set up three MGM Targets Standard auto-poppers, about five feet apart.

Started shooting 1×3 drills at 8 yards, from the holster.  Averaged around 3.0 seconds, I could push it to 2.7-2.8 but I got some misses.  Auto-poppers are tough targets, even at 8 yards.  You have to be watching your sights, and you trigger press has to be perfect.

Moved back to 15 yards, same drill.  Times ran about 4.0-4.5 seconds.

I noticed no difference in times or accuracy when starting from hands at sides vs. starting from surrender.  That’s a good thing, I suppose.

Finished the day by setting up a field course simulator.  Two shooting positions, about 10 feet apart, at 8 yards.  Starting at the 15-yard line, draw, move to the left shooting position and engage each targets with one round, then move to the right shooting position and repeat.  In order to further mess with my own head, I allowed myself only 7 rounds for each rep.  This really forced me to read my sights and focus on accuracy.  A good par time for me on this drill is 9 seconds.  I’ll have to try it with paper next week.

Results: The new STI magazines with Bolen guts and basepads worked flawlessly.  They are reloadable with 20 rounds.  CJR recommends!

I need to spend some more time refining my trigger press.  The STI is more sensitive to a misplaced trigger finger than the G35 was.

Get low when moving.  The sights bounce around much less if you keep your hips low.

My ability to track the sights through recoil, even during transitions, has improved a great deal over the past few months.

Limited A, here I come!


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