Practice Log – 10/25/2008

Place: The Range at NRA Headquarters

Gear: TSS 5″ Limited Gun, 100 rounds of .40 180grn. match ammo
TSS Benelli M2, 50-odd rounds of Fiocchi reduced-recoil slugs

Goals:More shot-calling practice, plus checking the sights on the shotgun.

I got to the range at around 1:00pm, then proceded to wait around for half an hour for a lane. I hate indoor ranges, but it was raining cats and dogs.

I ran about 100 rounds of single and two-shot calling drills, at 7, 15, and 25 yards. I’m still sitting at around 60% accuracy, better as the target gets closer. I noticed a definite tendency to pull shots low and left, which I called as centered. This tells me that I need to work more on refining my trigger pull, and that I’m not always seeing the sight lift during recoil. My Limited gun has a 1.75# trigger, and it’s quite sensitive to improper finger placement.

I also ran fifty rounds through the shotgun, in preparation for the shotgun stages at the Area 6. My shotgun is printing dead center at 25 yards, and about 4″ high at 50. I can generally hold five shots on the A zone at 50 yards, offhand. Not bad.

Results: More shot-calling drills. I also need to figure out some drills to help me focus on maintaining a continual sight picture.

I think that for the next few weeks, all my live-fire practice will focus on shot-calling and reading the sights through recoil. I want to develop a really good base in those two skills over the winter.


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