Ahab and Tam take on the most picked-over subject since 9mm versus .45ACP – point shooting.

Like most stupid debates, this one is replete with stereotypes on both sides. The point-shooters think the sight-shooters are warmed-over Bullseye enthusiasts who need ten seconds to break a shot, and the sight-shooters think the point-shooters are reckless idiots who practically hose their shots around with their eyes closed. Like most stereotypes, these are completely true in every particular…

For myself, I don’t think it’s quite so clear-cut. I’ve blathered on about calling your shots in earlier posts, and it’s simply not possible to call your shots without reading the sights. That said, if you’re presented with a close, wide-open target, you might be able to get your two A’s faster by pointing the gun and hitting the trigger twice. A common technique is to “look through the gun”, keeping your visual focus on the target, and press the trigger as the gun comes back down from recoil.

Unsighted or point-shooting is not a technique for general use, but it sometimes does have it’s place. For myself, I can hit A’s on open targets out to 10-12 feet. Any farther than that, and I transition back to the classic front-sight focus.

Brian Enos’ excellent book, Practical Shooting: Beyond Fundamentals goes into extensive detail about sighted fire, unsighted fire, and all the vagaries in between. Go read it.


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