YAPL – November 1, 2008

Place: The Range at NRA Headquarters

Gear: TSS 5″ Limited Gun, 200-odd rounds of the new load, MSTN 17″ AR-15, 100-odd rounds of the new load.

Goals: More shot-calling practice, testing a couple of new loads.

Got to the range somewhat late, around 5:00pm. One of my main goals today was to test a new .40 Major load with Precision moly-coated bullets. I started off shooting some slow-fire offhand groups at 15, 25, and 50 yards. At 15 yards I was getting nice tight groups, and I could easily hold the A-zone at 25, but my offhand groups really fall apart at 50. Next time I go out I’m going to put up a full-size target with a large aiming point, so I can more easily see where my hits are going.

At 25 yards, I needed to move about two clicks to the left from my previous zero.

After about 100 rounds of accuracy practice, I ran a Matt Burkett timing drill. Very handy drill, check it out. I found that I could watch the sights rise during recoil, which makes me happy. Strangely, I found that a fairly heavy grip made for faster and more consistent sight tracking.

Eventually I put the pistol away and got out my AR. I’m trying out a new short-line load in that one, too. Not a whole lot to report on the rifle – it still shoots bugholes at 50 yards, and has very little muzzle climb. I really need to get out to the 300-yard range at Thurmont soon.

Results: I really like the new load. It’s reasonably accurate and shoots flat, and costs 20% less than my old load. I’m also slowly getting more used to watching the sights.

Match tomorrow. We’ll see if the practice has been paying off.


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