Fredericksburg USPSA Match

Damn, but that was fun.

Fredericksburg Rod and Gun Club put on their last USPSA match of the season today. The monthly matches at FRGC are some of the biggest and best in the country – 6-7 stages, round counts up in the 180-200 region, and you can expect somewhere near a hundred shooters to show up on any given weekend. Todd Jarrett, Todd Sindelar, Phil Strader (before he relocated to OK), Ron Francesco, and many other big-name shooters show up pretty regularly. I’ve been going to this match for somewhere around three years.

Today’s match was six stages, one of them a classifier, and included (match director) Tino’s usual mix of long shots, tight no-shoots, awkward shooting positions, and high-speed hosing. Tino has a knack for designing stages that are challenging without being stupid.

I shot… okay. Well, pretty good, overall. I think I was sixth overall in Limited, mainly thanks to a near-flawless 8-second run on the classifier (CM03-03, if anyone cares.) I had some good times, but there were these two uncalled misses that are driving me nuts. I think that there’s a drill in Perfect Practice that addresses that very issue…

If you’re anywhere in the MD/VA/NC area, you should check this match out. Look under Virginia clubs. Matches start up again in March.


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