Giant Douche Defeats Turd Sandwich…

…film at eleven.

Being either drunk or hung over for the past two days, I missed out on all the early wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments, but so far every single prediction I’ve made about the Prezidental Elkeshun has come true (to wit, McCain would get buried in a landslide, and Obama would carry both Virginia and Colorado.)  Also as expected, A quick ring ’round the gunblogosphere reveals about an even split of temperate disappointment, and spitting, snarling, hysteria.  Sheesh.  Some people need to get their Ativan scripts refilled…

But hey!  I didn’t vote for either of the asshats!

More on politics and what this means for the shooting public later.  I gotta get on a plane here shortly.


2 thoughts on “Giant Douche Defeats Turd Sandwich…

  1. Why is 51% for the Shrub in ’04 a squeaker, but 52% for Barry in ’08 a landslide with a mandate?

    It’s too bad they made Palin run a three-legged race tied to Amenhotep IV… If I was her, I’d be ignoring my phone the next time it said “RNC” on the caller I.D.

  2. I don’t think I said that 2004 was a squeaker. Must have been some lefty type somewhere…

    Palin was a gift to the fundies, and she helped a bit, but I suspect a lot of them stayed home Tuesday. Someone somewhere said that the GOP base hates McCain, and the ‘moderates’ and ‘independents’ that like him, well, they liked Obama more…

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