Life, Liberty, and Panic Buying.

I took a day off yesterday, and spent most of it running around northern Maryland getting paperwork filed.  I got my MD Collectors Application filed for the third time (the state po-po lost the first two applications), which will allow me to bypass the stupid one-gun-a-month law that MD has in place for “Regulated Weapons.*”  I also filed the NFA paperwork/fingerprint cards for my suppressor.

I had to have a weekday off work to do all this, and it took me half a day and half a tank of gasoline.  Go Bureaucracy!

It’s going to be very interesting to see how the GOP responds to getting their collective asses handed to them last week.  After Bush and McCain, the national greatness/neocon/warfare statists have no credibility left, so I doubt we’ll have to worry about them for a while.  It would be sensible to start tapping the Evangelicals again, as they organize and get the vote out like no one else.  Problem is, the Evangelical base is getting smaller as the country gets more urban/cosmopolitan**, and kissing up to them will kill off any chance of building a coalition among the economic conservative/socially permissive guys.

The best course of action, in my view, would be to throw a few tax and spending cuts to the Econs*** and try to put together a coalition with moderates and independents by striking some of the pro-life/anti-immigration/war-on-drugs language from the platform.

Right, I know.  I’m a sucker for wishful thinking.  Huckabee for Prez, 2012!

The Obama election has already produced a major spike in firearm and accessory sales.  Pretty much everyone is out of ARs, AKs, and the associated parts kits, and magazines are flying off the shelves as fast as they can be restocked.

Myself, I’m using this as an excuse to ramp up buying stuff that I was going to buy anyway.  I have another 10 STI .40 140mm magazine bodies on the way, along with a handful of 9mm 140s and 170s.  You can never have too many magazines for your match guns.  I’m already pretty well stocked with AR and pistol mags, so the next thing to keep an eye out for is a spare AR upper.  I like having spares.

*Regulated Weapon = anything fun.  All handguns, and 99% of tactical rifles come under this heading here in MD

**Recent polls indicate that more than 50% of the country lives in large cities, and the percentage is growing.  Deny it if you like, but that’s the way America is trending.

***Econs = EConomic Conservatives.  I just got tired of typing all that out.


One thought on “Life, Liberty, and Panic Buying.

  1. Good rant about Maryland. The sad part is we are better off than some. Have you looked in to setting up a trust for NFA purchases?

    As for Huckabee, is he your choice or do you think he is the only one that stands a chance of being elected or was it Chuck Norris’ endorsement? 😉

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