Couple of Quick Notes…

Ok, just a few unorganized and random thoughts.

Weekend Match

Shot the local IPSC match yesterday.  Poorly.  Had one squib out of a batch of rounds I had a gut feeling was questionable.  Did ok on the classifier, though not fantastic.

Panic Buying

With the ascendancy of the Postmodern Messiah the panic buying has been in full swing.  Thankfully, I bought the big important stuff I needed a few months ago, and have been slowly stocking up on various magazines and other accessories.  The night of November 4th, I did lose my mind a bit, and put an order in for one each of the Tripp Research 42 and 52 round Cobramag.  They’re pricey, but seem to be extremely well made and come with a pretty high recommendation from several shooters whose opinions on such things I trust implicitly.

Tripp Research

A couple of days after putting the order in with Tripp Research, I had a follow up question. So I sent an email to them with the question in it. Within 15 minutes, my phone rang, and I spoke to the guy on the other end of the line, who answered my question quickly and satisfactorily.  Customer service doesn’t get any better than that.

Ok, so that’s my boring weekend.  I should have the writeup of the last tactical rifle match done probably next week sometime.  Work’s been busy, so the amount of time I’ve had to screw off and blog has been reduced.


One thought on “Couple of Quick Notes…

  1. Sorry to hear about the poor shoot, and a squib… that is scary. You should have invested that money in beer and come up to the house. I would have schooled you in COD4… Better luck next time.

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