The 2009 TWotM Match Schedule

Okay, so JBO and I were chatting the other night, and the subject of major matches came up.  We decided to hash out all the major matches that one or both of us will be attending in 2009.

This is a work in progress, and will be updated as our plans coalesce.

CJR’s match/class schedule:

  • TacPro Tactical Carbine course, Mingus, TX, March 13-15
  • USSA Competition Handgun 110 or Competition Multigun 120, Tulsa, OK, date TBD
  • Blue Ridge Multigun, Park City, KY, April 24-26
  • MGM Ironman, Parma, ID, June 11-13
  • Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, Raton, NM, August 6-8
  • Ft. Benning AMU 3-Gun, Ft. Benning, GA, December 4-6 (tentative)

There will probably be a few other local matches (Area 8 Sectionals, Area 8 Multigun, Summer Blast, Steel Challenge Regionals) that will be added as dates get posted.

Hopefully JBO will add his own match schedule in the near future.  Hint, hint.


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