The Weekend in Review

I spent most of yesterday afternoon sizing, depriming, and trimming about 1100 pieces of once-fired Federal .223 brass.

I spent most of this afternoon converting about 1100 pieces of freshly processed Federal .223 brass into .223 ammunition.

Thrilling, huh?  Seriously, though, this takes care of about two months worth of .223 practice ammo.  It’s nice to have it out of the way.  Now I just have to get started on the 10,000 .40 bullets and the 8 pounds of Ramshot Competition stacked up in the basement.  Those bullets have been eyeballing me.

Related product placement – I love my Dillon 1050 more every time I use it.  If you shoot in bulk, you should really think about buying one.  It saves a whole lot of time, which can then be spent, you know, shooting.


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