I haven’t looked forward to a weekend this much in a while.

In other news, I’ve started on a new AR project. It’s not a .223, and it’s going to have a really long barrel…


Coolest. Thing. Ever.

I’ve never had the least little bit of interest in SASS, Cowboy Action shooting, or any of the rest of that fancy-dress stuff. Until now.

The American Zoot Shooters Association

Now I’m searching the internet for vintage suits and fedoras, and thinking of putting off my next AR project in favor of an SBR Thompson semi. Yow.

SHOT Show Reflections

I’m just back from the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando.  As usual, a wonderful time was had by all.  I’d especally like to thank Kiesler Police Supply for putting my Dad and myself up, as well as introducing us to a whole bunch of really neat folks.  You guys rock.

The Show seemed pretty busy, certainly busier than expected given the economy.  I can safely say that the firearms industry is NOT in need of a bailout.

Some highlights:

  • AR and AR parts manufacturers are showing a lot of variation in lead times.  CMMG, for instance, says that they’re running only 2-3 weeks behind on most of their products, while DPMS says that they’re a year-plus behind.  Everyone, though, is running 2-3 shifts, 18-20 hours a day production.  There are a LOT of evil black rifles going to market right now.
  • I continue to be impressed with the quality and the prevalence of video-based judgmental training.  There were several manufacturers that I visited (sorry, got to go through the schwag bag to get the names) and all of them incorporated realistic scenarios, induced stress, realistic weapons and equipment, the whole lot.
  • No one is yet making the perfect multigun scope.  However, both Horus and Premier Reticles are working on scopes with dual focal plane reticules, red dot for up close and Mil-scale for distance.  This will be the subject of a future post, I think.
  • Speaking of optics, the ELCAN Spectre DR has come way down in price since I last looked at it.  For $1400, I’d consider one instead of an ACOG.  They’ve brought out some new reticle designs, too.

More in a bit.

New Year, New Goals…

In his seminal work With Winning in Mind, Lanny Basham writes extensively about the importance of having and making goals.  With 2009 less than a week underway, it seemed like a good time to start some new ones.

Shooting –

Short term (2 weeks out) – For the next two weeks, dryfire at least 12 times, 30-45 minutes each.  Hit the range for live-fire practice at least three times.

Mid-term (3 months out) – Continue with the dryfire and live-fire schedule.  Get my reloading and ammo logistics sorted out: I need to have a reserve of 1000 rounds for my rifle and pistol, all the time.  Get my Utah CCW.

Long term (the whole year) – Place in the top ten in at least one major multigun match.  Make Limited Master in USPSA.  Get at least two new shooters armed and trained up.  Take at least two shooting classes.

Athletics –

Short term – Either run or do a scaled Crossfit workout, 3 days on, 1 day off, for the next two weeks.

Mid-term – Continue the workout schedule as above.  Do 5 false grip pull-ups and 5 ring dips with good form.  Go skydiving again.

Long term – Do 1 muscle-up with good form.  Run 4 miles at an 8-minute pace.  Do a solo skydive.

Those will do for now.  Off to the range!