SHOT Show Reflections

I’m just back from the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando.  As usual, a wonderful time was had by all.  I’d especally like to thank Kiesler Police Supply for putting my Dad and myself up, as well as introducing us to a whole bunch of really neat folks.  You guys rock.

The Show seemed pretty busy, certainly busier than expected given the economy.  I can safely say that the firearms industry is NOT in need of a bailout.

Some highlights:

  • AR and AR parts manufacturers are showing a lot of variation in lead times.  CMMG, for instance, says that they’re running only 2-3 weeks behind on most of their products, while DPMS says that they’re a year-plus behind.  Everyone, though, is running 2-3 shifts, 18-20 hours a day production.  There are a LOT of evil black rifles going to market right now.
  • I continue to be impressed with the quality and the prevalence of video-based judgmental training.  There were several manufacturers that I visited (sorry, got to go through the schwag bag to get the names) and all of them incorporated realistic scenarios, induced stress, realistic weapons and equipment, the whole lot.
  • No one is yet making the perfect multigun scope.  However, both Horus and Premier Reticles are working on scopes with dual focal plane reticules, red dot for up close and Mil-scale for distance.  This will be the subject of a future post, I think.
  • Speaking of optics, the ELCAN Spectre DR has come way down in price since I last looked at it.  For $1400, I’d consider one instead of an ACOG.  They’ve brought out some new reticle designs, too.

More in a bit.


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