New Match Alert – Quantico 3-Gun

DC area 3-gunners; listen up. This past Saturday was the inaugural Quantico 3-Gun match. You need to check this one out.

The Quantico 3-Gun match was held on the Quantico HRP ranges. There were five stages on four big bays – three multigun field courses, a rifle speed shoot, and a shotgun speed shoot. Future matches will incorporate some long-range rifle stages on Quantico’s unknown-distance sniper course.

There were a lot of very good shooters there, including some 10-12 operators from the Quantico HRT unit, a couple of military contractors, and some very good local three-gun shooters. There were also quite a few new shooters, all of whom had a good time.

This is a great match, with first-rate facilities and excellent stages, and I’ll probably be helping out with it for the foreseeable future. Next match will be sometime in July. Come check it out.

Contact Mike Hughes at for the details.


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