DIY Steadycam

Just a quick post. But below is a picture of my build of the $14 Steadycam. I tend to shoot a lot of match videos, so I figured that the small investment to put together a platform that allow me to shoot steady handheld video would be worth it.

It’ll be interesting to see how noticeable the difference is between the video I’ve shot before and the video I plan to shoot with this piece of gear.


The camera is a Canon SD850. It has a video mode and shoots fairly decent stuff, though resolution is standard def rather than high def. For a reasonably-priced point-and-shoot, it takes excellent stills and good video, though in the next year or so I’d like to upgrade to a prosumer camera capable of shooting in high def. Which will happen ten minutes after I get that precision bolt gun built…


One thought on “DIY Steadycam

  1. Hi there
    it seems a quite heavy rig for a camera that light. You also could remove some weight but make pipe longer…you would get the same results.


    In my system I use long threaded shafts to get precision shots…
    to get an idea (I can extend the horizontal shaft with long nuts and put washers on it).

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