Things I Learned While Dryfiring…

While doing my nightly dry practice session, I noticed something strange. During the drawstroke, my front sight would drift off to the left of the target, and I’d have to pull it back to the center before pressing off the shot.

This was NOT helping my times, or my accuracy.

After scratching my head for a bit, I figured out that I was bringing my support hand too far to the right during the ‘grip’ phase of the draw. My hands were coming together too soon, and I was starting the ‘press out’ part of the draw from down around my right hip, rather than my centerline. Instead of pressing straight out to the target, I was skewing off to the left.

So, something to keep in mind. Bring the gun to your centerline before starting your ‘press out.’ Your match scores will thank you.


JP RM3G – Match Review

Another year, another Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Championship goes into the books. As always, Denise and JJ Johnson put on an excellent match. This year I managed to injure myself repeatedly, shoot poorly, shoot well, embarrass the heck out of myself (sorry, Patrick, but you two really do look similar…), and generally have the time of my life.

We decamped from Colorado Springs this past Wednesday morning, and drove down to the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM. An aside here – if you have never been to the Whittington Center, find some excuse to go out for a visit. A better facility for practical shooting does not exist in this country.

What follows are some quick impressions of the stages. More details, video, and stills to follow.
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Last Day for RM3G

Having breakfast at the Enchanted Grounds Cafe in Raton, NM.

The Enchanted Grounds Cafe in Raton, NM

The Enchanted Grounds Cafe in Raton, NM

If you’ve got the time before heading to The Whittington Center for the day’s shooting activities, it’s a great place to get a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. You’ve got to love any place that gives you the option to put a slice of green chile on your breakfast sandwich. The free Wifi is pretty excellent, too.

Two stages left today, a blind stage (no walk-through) with rifle-pistol, and an all rifle stage we’ve already walked. Reports later…

Quick Notes From RM3G

So, we’re on Day 2 of shooting Rocky Mountain 3 Gun. Day 1 presented lots of challenges, mostly in the form of high winds that played havoc with long-range rifle shots and clay pigeons. Stages today have been simpler, but only if you consider slug shots on 100-yard gongs to be simple. We’ve got one more stage to run, a true three stage that’s a hose festival of shotgun and pistol with a break in the middle for some medium-distance rifle shooting. Hopefully will have a positive update later tonight.

The gear is getting almost as good of a workout as I am. Should have reviews of some of the stuff for sale at later on. But just to give you a taste, the zippered ScopeFly has worked wonderfully. If you’ve got an ACOG TA-11, you should buy one.

Videos will go live on YouTube probably next week sometime.