Quick Notes From RM3G

So, we’re on Day 2 of shooting Rocky Mountain 3 Gun. Day 1 presented lots of challenges, mostly in the form of high winds that played havoc with long-range rifle shots and clay pigeons. Stages today have been simpler, but only if you consider slug shots on 100-yard gongs to be simple. We’ve got one more stage to run, a true three stage that’s a hose festival of shotgun and pistol with a break in the middle for some medium-distance rifle shooting. Hopefully will have a positive update later tonight.

The gear is getting almost as good of a workout as I am. Should have reviews of some of the stuff for sale at 3GunStuff.com later on. But just to give you a taste, the zippered ScopeFly has worked wonderfully. If you’ve got an ACOG TA-11, you should buy one.

Videos will go live on YouTube probably next week sometime.


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