Tactical Rimfire Match Writeup

Hola amigos, I know it’s been a long time since I blogged at you, but I finally have some down time to do a writeup on the tactical rimfire match that we ran a couple of months ago.

Once a month, I help to run a tactical rifle match at our local range. Three stages, with targets from contact distance to 400 yards and a round count of 100-150.

Well, in the last few months, a lot of the guys around here had picked up rimfire rifles in various “tactical” configurations- GSG-5’s, Tactical Solutions AR-22 uppers, Nordic Components 10/22 conversion kits, and other similar rigs.

From Tactical Rimfire Match

I figured that with everyone buying these things, and ammo costs being what they were, why not set up a side match that would allow us to shoot from the same positions, at steel targets, but on a shorter range?

As luck would have it, Hoser, our Match Director had recently acquired a set of steel targets for our club so we could run matches for Sportsman’s Team Challenge. He thought these targets could pull double duty for this match and Team Challenge. So, the decision was made to use the Team Challenge steel, while cribbing the props, shooting positions, and rules from our regular Tactical Rifle match.

From Tactical Rimfire Match

It was decided that we’d run the side match during our August match. Fourth Sunday of the month rolls around, and it turns out that all of the rifle berms had been booked for a 4H black powder shoot. Had we not planned on doing the rimfire match, we’d have had to just pack up and go home. So, intent on mashing lemons into lemonade, we reserved one of the pistol berms, set up a course of fire and broke out the bulk packs.

From Tactical Rimfire Match

The results were an unqualified success. Everyone had a good time, and we were able to run through two courses of fire, a standards stage, and then broke out a dueling rack for some one-on-one competition.


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