Since We’ve Discussed the Reload…

…How about some reloading drills?

Hang an IPSC, IPDA, or 8″ plate target out at 7 yards.  Start with your pistol loaded with two rounds and holstered.  You’ll need two magazines on your belt, loaded with two rounds each.

Start with your hands at sides.  On signal, draw and fire two rounds, reload and fire two more rounds, reload again and fire two more rounds.  7 seconds clean is a good starting goal.  Under 5 seconds is very good indeed.

In USPSA and Multigun, we don’t do a lot of static reloads.  Lay out 3-4 shooting boxes in the shape of a triangle or square, around 5-6 feet on a side.  Put three targets (steel plates if you have them) out at 7-10 yards.  Start in one box, fire one shot on each target.  Reload while moving to the next box, then fire another shot on each target.  Repeat until you run out of boxes.  When you get bored running this drill with your pistol, break out your shotgun or .22 rifle and give that a try.



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