Weekend Report

It rained all this weekend, so I stayed inside and dryfired. No pun intended.

I got some load development done for the 9mm. I’ve been wanting to try a somewhat lighter bullet in the M&Ps, as they tend to shoot high (as much as 6″ high at 25 yards) with 147grn. bullets. I got in a shipment of excellent Montana Gold 124grn. CMJs last week, and loaded up four batches of 25 rounds each, with some once-fired Remington brass and various charges of Ramshot Competition powder.

A note here – Ramshot Competition is a shotgun powder, and there is little/no data for using it in the 9mm cartridge.  Hence, if you want to work up a load for this powder, use EXTREME caution.  I started out using data for VV N320, which shares a very similar burn rate with Ramshot Competition, and worked up from the minimum load in 0.3grn. increments.  Oddly enough, I found the best accuracy with the heavier loads, and almost no change in split times from the lightest to the heaviest.  This coming weekend, I plan to chrono the two heaviest loads to make sure that they make major – they shot very soft.


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