Pimp My ACOG.

I’ve been running an ACOG ScopeFly on top of my AR for the last few months, and I have to say, it’s an excellent little product. If you’ve run an ACOG-equipped rifle, you’re already probably aware of and annoyed by just how effective the scope’s light-gathering ability can be. Under direct sunlight, the reticle can have a tendency to bloom, or glow so brightly that it can be hard to use with precision.

A lot of shooters deal with this problem with the field-expedient measure of sticking a piece of tape across the top of the light-gathering fiber-optic or wrapping their scope with a rubber bicycle tire inner tube. While these methods work, they have their problems (tape falls off, the inner tube is not quickly adjustable).

Enter the ScopeFly, a product available from 3Gun Stuff. Basically, it’s a couple of pieces of nylon fabric and a zipper that are held on to your scope via the use of adhesive velcro strips. The result is a product that allows you to quickly and precisely adjust the amount of light reaching your reticle. It’s a handy device.

An ACOG equipped with a 3Gun Stuff ScopeFly and Progressive Machining OEG.

A quick disclaimer: I am friends with the owner of 3Gun Stuff and have done some work for him. So take that as you like. He’s a stand-up guy with some neat products available.


2 thoughts on “Pimp My ACOG.

  1. ACOG sight provides background and its product information. Developed mainly for M16 rifle, M4 Carbine, as seen in Call of Duty. It is by far the best comparing to its counter-peers.

  2. Why would you reference call of duty? Are you 12? BTW that sound you heard when you paused your game long enough to go grab a juice box …was me assbanging your mom. She screamed like a baboons getting beat with a nine iron.

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