AK vs. AR

Offered without comment and tongue stuck firmly in cheek.


3 thoughts on “AK vs. AR

  1. Haha. Very funnuy.

    On a more serious note, why did they not just field strip it. It takes no time at all and a soviet conscript would have been able to do it under fire.

  2. The real reason is because it wasn’t his Krinkov, and most NFA weapon owners frown on random people field-stripping their expensive weapons.

    In retrospect, that malfunction could probably have been cleared by dropping the magazine, sticking your fingers into the magwell, and working the impacted cartridges loose. Sort of like giving the rifle a prostate exam.

    Field-stripping an AK under fire? No, thank you. One, it takes at least two minutes, which is a hell of a long time when you’re taking incoming bullets. Two, with my luck, I’d probably drop the recoil spring or something equally vital into ten inches of mud. No, if your long gun had a double feed, that’s probably a good time to draw your pistol.


  3. Even had the gun been field stripped, it still would have required a pair of pliers to clear that double feed. The rounds were jammed in there quite tightly. It was, frankly, the worst double-feed I’ve ever seen.

    That said, rock-and-roll is always fun.

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