Kicking Around Ideas Re: Rifle Stock Length

At 6’3″, I’m not exactly what the designers of most rifle stocks have in mind. For pretty much the whole time I’ve been shooting, I’ve simply put up with the stock length of whichever gun I’m shooting.

However, last week, a friend of mine, who’s also above-average in the height department, handed me one of these and told me to give it a try. I’ve installed it on the lower that is rapidly becoming my back-up 3Gun lower, and will most likely be the primary lower where my .22 Tactical Solutions upper will live.

I’ve yet to shoot the gun in this configuration, but have noticed a couple of things when shouldering the rifle and acquiring a target. First off, when getting into an offhand, sitting, or prone position, the rifle feels much more solidly pressed into my shoulder than with a regular stock. It also feels like it’s easier to control where the gun is aimed as well. Secondly, my face-to-stock match up is going to need some adjusting, especially for use with a scope.

I’m going to give this a try with some live fire and a shot timer to see if it improves my time to target, splits, or accuracy. If it isn’t detrimental, my main 3Gun rifle will likely end up sporting one of these as well.


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