Explain this…

I haven’t shot a pistol at a match since around Thanksgiving.

I show up at tonight’s monthly indoor match and manage to take first place in production division, and eighth place overall out of a total of 24 shooters. On top of that, my score on the classifier may have been good enough to bump me up to the next classification.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly pleased with the results, but earlier this year when I was shooting regularly, I’d managed to blow some stages and matches in spectacular fashion. I mean, wheels-off-flames-shooting-out-of-the-undercarriage-spinning-on-the-roof style failure. Now I just walk into a match and do quite well, despite having done zilch on the preparation and practice side of things. How does that work? I mean, I didn’t even have a training montage.


One thought on “Explain this…

  1. You may have performed better because of relaxation and low expectations. Just let it flow.

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