More Float Tube Goodness

So, after getting the new Viking Tactical medium-length float-tube installed on my Rock River Carbine, I finally had a chance to take it out and shoot it.

Not a lot, mind you, as the weather was about 35 degrees with constant wind and a humidity factor that is unusual for Colorado at any time of year, but I was able to put about twenty rounds through the rifle, and after getting a basic zero, the results were surprising.

From Lead Delivery Devices 2

That’s a picture of the rifle after the tube was installed. Yes, I have a flashlight on it.
No, I don’t work at a mall or any other large, local retail establishment.

Anyway, after benching the gun and getting a reasonable zero at 100 yards, I found that my groups tightened up noticeably at 100 yards. They’re still not where I’d like them to be, which would be 1 MOA, but I don’t know if that might be asking a bit too much from the factory barrel with several thousand rounds through it, and an Aimpoint Micro T1.

Moving to a 200 yard target, I found it quite easy to hit both an IPSC-sized popper and my MGM Auto Popper without as much effort as it had previously taken to hit things with this rifle.

Of course, plinking at the range doesn’t tell the whole story, especially when the range trip is abbreviated due to freezing weather, but hopefully these initial results will bear out once I get a chance to really shoot the gun under field conditions at a match or during a practice session.


2 thoughts on “More Float Tube Goodness

  1. That T1 would have a 2 MOA dot, no? Be hard (but not impossible) to get 1 MOA groups from a 2 MOA focal point.

  2. Al, the dot on the Aimpoint Micro T-1 is 4 MOA. For zeroing, I was shooting at a B-16 25-yard slow fire target for NRA Bullseye, but the target was at 100 yards. Interestingly enough, the black area on the target is just slightly wider than the dot in the Aimpoint, which helped with aiming. I’d just wait until the red dot had a black circle around it, and pull the trigger.

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