Tamslick on Multiple Rimfire Magazines

Over at Books, Bikes, Boomsticks, Tamara’s got a good bit of advice up about making sure you have multiple magazines available for your rimfire guns.

There’s really not a whole lot I can add on top of what she’s got to say. Eight or ten magazines is a great number, but if you’re on a budget shoot for a minimum of six. If money’s tight, consider going to your local gonne shoppe and ask to paw through the miscellaneous magazine box. More often than not you’re likely to find at least a magazine or two that will fit your gun, assuming it’s a Ruger, and with a bit of cleaning, they’ll run just fine.


One thought on “Tamslick on Multiple Rimfire Magazines

  1. Two mags came with my pistol. I bought one more new for $19.95, or whatever the going rate is. The other three came out of the miscellaneous sling-swivel-and-scope-mount box at the local range for $7.97/ea. They had several others in there and I would have bought them all if I had more cash on me…

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