Rifle Cases: Starlight vs. Pelican

For Christmas, Santa was cool enough to leave me a brand new Starlight 061352 rifle case under the tree. A friend of mine has a comparable Pelican case, so a head-to-head comparison seems the order of the day.

First off, a note about Starlight’s customer service. It’s outstanding. I had a couple of minor questions about the case before having it ordered, and Starlight was prompt in returning phone calls with answers.

Starlight case next to Pelican case.

On the outside, the cases appear very similar, made of high-impact plastic, and with fairly robust clasps as well as pressure equalization valves. The main differences are in the handles and clasps; the Starlight case’s handle has a spring in it that causes it to snap up against the side of the case when you’re not carrying it, which is a neat feature. The clasps on each case are different, as well. On the Pelican case, the clasps themselves have a hinge on them that makes it somewhat easier to shut the case.

Where the Starlight case really shines is on the interior. The Starlight case is a bit thicker than the Pelican, and interestingly enough, comes with more than just the standard two or three layers of foam. The case actually has alternating layers that are thick enough to allow you to have two separate layers, each one containing a firearm. I wanted to use this case as a way to transport my rifle and shotgun for 3Gun, as well as some of the ancillary gear that goes along with it. So the top layer was cut to fit my rifle, and the bottom layer fits my shotgun.

The top layer is cut to fit a rifle and some accessories.

The top layer is cut to fit a rifle and some accessories.

The bottom layer is cut to fit a shotgun and some accessories.

The bottom layer is cut to fit a shotgun and some accessories.

To my mind, this is the biggest advantage that the Starlight case offers. By allowing the case to fit multiple guns on two layers, the case becomes much more versatile. There is a bit of a tradeoff in weight, however. But even with the case fully loaded, it’s still not hard to carry.

As someone who’s constantly struggling to keep track of all of the gear that 3Gun requires, I think that the Starlight case offers a useful and robust solution.


2 thoughts on “Rifle Cases: Starlight vs. Pelican

  1. I did it myself. The case does include an x-acto knife for doing this. I spent some time figuring out how I wanted the guns to lay in the case, then traced them with a sharpie and used the knife to cut the foam.

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