ESP Elite Analog Ear Plugs

At Rocky Mountain 3 Gun this year, they had a raffle during the shooter’s BBQ . The money was designated to go to the junior program. Feeling magnanimous, I tossed $40 in the pot with no real expectation of winning anything.

After an excellent bbq beef brisket dinner, they started calling out ticket numbers for the prizes.

I was, frankly, shocked when they called the number of a ticket I was holding.

Even better was the prize: a set of custom-fitted ESP Elite Analog ear plugs.

After winning the prize, I spoke with Jack, the ESP rep. He sat me down, took a mold of my ears, and had me fill out contact info. He said the turnaround time would be about ten days.

Lo and behold, a few days later, a package showed up in the mail containing my new electronic earplugs, two sets of batteries, a foam copy of the molds of my ear canals, instructions and a small pouch to store it all in. As an added touch, my name is printed on both plugs.

My set of ESP ear plugs

Two plugs, cleaning brush, and spare batteries.

I initially put a post up about the ear plugs over at THR, and have since had the opportunity to wring them out a bit more. I still remain impressed with them.

I’ve worn them for various shooting events, including our inaugural tactical rimfire match, the centerfire tactical rifle match, IPSC matches, various plinking sessions, and opening day of dove season last year.

The only situation I’ve found that I don’t care for them is at our local indoor IPSC matches. They don’t quite offer enough protection when someone’s banging away with an Open-Class blaster, so I’ve tended to keep with my habit of wearing standard earplugs under electronic muffs.

Other than that, these things are great. They’re light, easy to put in and maintain, and, most importantly, have an NRR of 25. While dove hunting, they were fantastic, allowing me to carry on conversations with everyone without having to remove them or having them get uncomfortable.

The biggest downside to these is the cost. They are spendy, but then again, hearing ability is worth protecting as once you’ve lost it, it’s gone for good. For more information, check out the website for Electronic Shooters Protection.


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