2010 SHOT Show Optics Report

So, I was going to go over all the nifty optics introduced at the 2010 SHOT Show, until I found out that the fine gentlemen at Tactical Hunting Review have already done it.

A few thoughts of my own:

  • Meopta has introduced an updated model of the classic 1-4x22RD, with brighter illumination and a 500-yard BDC reticule.  This is a great update, and really addresses my only complaint about the 1-4×22 – no way to hold over at long range.  I’m going to try to get a loaner to wring out.
  • Vortex Optics.  Prior to the 2010 SHOT Show, I knew Vortex Optics only as a mid-tier distributor of inexpensive red dots.  Now they’re, for my money, one of the most exciting optics companies in the industry.  The Viper 1-4x, in particular, looks like a great 3-gun optic.  Daylight-visible illumination, MRAD or MOA reticule, true 1x, and an MSRP of $500.  There are a couple of features I don’t much care for (in particular, target knobs have no place on a 1-4x scope…) but for $500, I would put one on my primary and backup 3-gun rifles, another on my AR-22, and keep one around for a spare.  Another one I’d like to demo.
  • Leupold, Premiere Reticule, and Schmidt und Bender are all releasing 1.1-8x tactical scopes with multi-focal plane reticules, daylight illumination, BDCs, first-rate glass, and price tags to match.  As cool as these optics are, $2500 is probably a little much for glass for a game gun.  If I every clear $2500 over expenses shooting 3-gun, it’ll be the greatest day in my life.  The cops and military shooters will likely buy these things by the truckload, tho…

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