Eddie Rhodes 1954-2010

The world of 3Gun and competitive shooting lost one of the greats this week. Eddie Rhodes died of a heart attack while out on a jog.

I first met Eddie a couple of years ago at the local Pueblo Tactical Rifle matches. At the time, he was the match director, and had a talent for designing some of the most difficult rifle stages I’ve ever shot. Those stages, and his advice on how to shoot them had a direct and positive impact on my ability to shoot a rifle.

Eddie is a legend. He will be sorely missed, both for his knowledge and character.

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First 3Gun Match of the Season

No video, sorry, but I shot my first 3Gun match of the season a couple of weeks ago. Managed to place third in Tactical Division despite several severe screwups.

Screwups involved the following:

– Pistol sights were off significantly, making it hard to hit some of the pesky poppers.
– Pistol mag pouch that was too tight and required a lot of force to remove it.
– Too slow in getting in and out of rifle positions.
– Didn’t know how to quickly load shotgun shells off of a bandolier.

I’ve since rectified the first and last problems. More on loading a shotgun a bit later on.

Overall, the match was a lot of fun, despite muddy and cold conditions, and a 40+ round shotgun stage certainly causes you to re-evaluate your shotgun abilities.

Thanks go to Zak Smith for putting the match on.