3Gun Nation Does Right by Eddie

The guys who are putting together the new tv series 3*Gun Nation have put together a memorial video for Eddie Rhodes that includes some interview footage with Eddie talking about the development of He-Man division. (Wherever Eddie is, I hope he’s not too upset about having a super under his name crediting him with the development of “Heavy Metal”. 😉 )

At any rate, the video is well done and offers a glimpse at who Eddie was and what his philosophy for shooting entailed.

To the guys at 3*Gun Nation, thanks for taking the time to put the video together.


2 thoughts on “3Gun Nation Does Right by Eddie

  1. Thanks for the compliments. We certainly recognize what the sport has lost. We’re also going to produce a more thorough segment for the actual show, which begins in July on Versus. We’ll put a heads up on our website in time for anyone to see it. Thanks to JP for helping us with info for that piece. And to all: “Prepare For Glory.” See you in Missouri.


  2. Chad-

    Looking forward to it. Fingers crossed for you guys, I think you’re going to produce the 3 Gun-oriented tv show that I’ve been wanting to see for at least a couple of years.

    I really hope the show takes off, not only for your success, but it will be a major step in mainstreaming multigun competition.

    Hope to see you at RM3G!


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