First Tactical Rifle Match of the Season!

Ok, so being a lucky bastard and living in Colorado, I’ve got access to a shooting range that goes out to 425 yards. At this range, we run a tactical rifle match on the fourth Sunday of every month. The setup is fairly consistent from match-to-match with three stages that break down as follows:

A long range stage with targets from 200-425 yards, generally five targets and five shooting positions.

A medium range stage with paper targets from zero to fifty yards, and then steel targets from 200-300 yards, generally four or five targets and four or five positions.

A standards stage that is set up in the same way every match. It’s similar to a classifier and helps to establish a base line from which you can get an idea of how your skills are progressing. There are three targets, and they are engaged at distances from 200 yards to 175 yards, each with five-shot strings from prone, sitting/kneeling and standing.

As far as shooting games go, this one isn’t very gear intensive. A semi-auto rifle, generally with a low-magnification optic on it, three or four magazines, a mag pouch, and some knee and elbow pads, and you’re ready to rock.

If you’re in Colorado and interested in coming out for a fun match, you shouldn’t miss this one. For more info, check the Pueblo West Tactical Rifle Facebook Page.

Here are a few pictures from the match:

Tactical Rifle April 2010