The Greatest Marksmanship Tool Ever Devised…

Top Shot has now aired its second episode. If you were to judge by the howling on the webtertron, you’d think the producers simply picked the competitors by riffling through a phone book and grabbing sixteen names at random.

Everyone, it seems, believes themselves to be a better shot than the contestants on the show. The disparagement has come flying fast and furious, and I imagine there will be no end in sight, even after the conclusion of the season.

A tremendously impressive feat of marksmanship in the making.

A tremendously impressive feat of marksmanship in the making.

I’ll be honest. Criticism from people who watch without doing kind of annoys me. Anyone can claim to be a skilled shooter when sitting behind a keyboard. Doing it in real life, under competitive pressure, on the clock, with a camera crew surrounding you, and with an unfamiliar weapon is going to generate a tad bit more mental strain than an idle afternoon spent at the range plinking off of the bench with your favorite gun.


4 thoughts on “The Greatest Marksmanship Tool Ever Devised…

  1. Don’t forget the Producers, um, producing you.

    On another note, I watched most (but not all) of the first episode after seeing it plugged here, and I am really frustrated at the inability of of the editors to let us see a shot hit the target without slo-mo. The pay-off for me as a shooter is the instant that includes Firing and Hitting as a unit, not firing and waiting. Even one uninterrupted camera shot over the shoulder as the shooter fires and hits would have been VERY satisfying, but the Producers seem to have the typical History Channel fixation on showing fast events too damn slowly.

  2. Amen to that! One rarely sees overly-negative posts from actual, skilled shottists, but rather from random, anonymous cowards commenting on the “webtertron.”

    As to the show “Top Shot”, I have not yet see a complete episode, but I’ve seen segments from several. On the plus side, this show seems to positive and the producers did pick some solid shooting talent.

    The shooting challenges (that I’ve seen) are just goofy and, worse, nearly impossible to reproduce at one’s home range. It would be better if a few standardized courses were among the challenges. Say, an El Presidente for the handgun portion and a National Match derivative with the 1903 Springfield. This would give real shooters in the audience something to compare to and could be readily set up by anyone.

  3. “Top Shot”, not Top Team, implies the best performance by an individual.

    It can only be accomplished by LEVELING the playing field – EVERY shooter shoots EVERY gun in EVERY stage.

    Forgive the trite comparison…”apples and oranges”, but that’s what the programming format deserves…..Doc

  4. Presumably the show starts off with the team format, and once a certain number of competitors have been eliminated, the remaining ones will compete in individual events.

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