IBPO/FOP Tactical 3-Gun Match

This weekend was the IBPO/FOP Tactical 3-Gun Match. This is a 3gun match that’s open only to law enforcement and military shooters. The rules are somewhat different from a typical 3gun match, and are geared more towards real-world duty gear. There’s no open division. So no scoped pistols or shotguns, ghost holsters, or tech loaders. A lot of the competitors show up and run the equipment that they use in the real world.

I was lucky enough to be invited to not only act as a range officer, but to design one of the stages. So, on Friday morning I rolled down to the range, set up a combined pistol/shotgun stage (5 slugs, 25 rounds of pistol, 8 rounds of shot).

The stage started off with five slug targets at distances from 20-50 yards, required the competitor to carry or sling their shotgun while navigating the course of fire and engaging pistol targets, and then finally had them transition back to the shotgun to engage some static clays and plates through low ports, shooting strong-side, prone, and weak-side.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos from the stage since I was chasing people with a shot timer all day, but I was later told it was the hardest course of fire at the entire match. Some of that difficultly was deliberate, and some of it unintentional and could have been dealt with via more solid stage design.

Still, the best runs on the stage were around 65-66 seconds, average was about 95-110 seconds. My run on it was about 79 seconds, though I wasn’t a competitor due to the fact that I’m not a cop or military guy.

We were able to run all of the competitors through the individual and team qualifier stage the first day, leaving Sunday open for the team stage and awards ceremony.

In memory of Eddie Rhodes, the match tshirts had his picture on it, along with the phrase “Prepare for glory!” and the RO’s and most of the competitors wore black arm bands in his memory.


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