Fun with Search Results

So, my understanding is that in order to be a proper blogger, you have to watch your stats to see what search terms people are using to find your blog.

Evidently, someone found WotMG yesterday via this search:

“can you make a living off of competitive”

I’m going to assume the search was truncated, and the full term was “can you make a living off of competitive shooting?”

In a word, No.

To expand on that, no, you can’t make a living as a competitive shooter unless you possess both an exceptional level of shooting talent, and have a decent amount of business acumen.

From what I’ve seen, you can pretty well count the number of people who are paid to shoot matches for a living on one hand.

The other shooters who are able to do it for a living shoot as a way of promoting their own business. For instance, from what I’ve seen, Matt Burkett, makes a living conducting training courses, selling instructional DVDs, and gun parts.

A step down from that, and you’ve got shooters who are sponsored well enough to cover the costs of attending a large match; travel, lodging, food, guns, and ammo. While this isn’t “shooting for a living” it is “having a day job and a free hobby.”

After that, you’ve got shooters who are sponsored with just one or two of the above elements. Note that this isn’t a bad place to be. For example, if you’re good enough to have someone cover your ammo costs, that takes a huge bite out of the expense of practicing and attending matches with large round counts.

Likewise, free guns or other shooting accessories are always a good thing.

Of course, if you are sponsored, you’ll have to be a salesman. You’ll be expected to wear a jersey with company logos, as well as make appearances and talk to people about the products/services you represent. You’ll also be expected to perform well at matches, which means winning on a consistent basis. From what I’m told, this can be stressful and take a lot of the fun out of the sport.

On the upside of things, you do not have to be a professional shooter to win matches. 3gun is a sport that is dominated by amateur shooters, and the advantages of being sponsored with gear or ammo don’t create as wide of a gap as some would think.


2 thoughts on “Fun with Search Results

  1. My favourite search term on our blog was “Contrary to opinion, .22 is a good defensive round”.

    Whoever was searching on our blog for that went away empty-handed. Well, if they were looking to defend themselves against anything larger than a rabid ground squirrel…

  2. I’m continually astounded at the contortions people will go through in order to warp their view of reality. People who cling to the belief that .22 is an adequate defensive round are but one subset.

    Others would include claims that hi-point pistols are as well made as, say a Glock, or that pistol grip only shotguns are adequate for home defense.

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