Of Rimfire Pistols, Steel Challenge, and Android


Suffering from a bit of insomnia, so why not do something useful?

This post is my first attempt to blog via the WordPress for Android app.

It was fairly easy to install. As for gun content, if all goes as planned there should be a photo of a Ruger 22/45 in this post.

It’s one of the first guns I ever bought, and recently I had some custom work done to it. The marketing gimmick for the 22/45 is that the grip is supposedly the same as on a 1911.

This is untrue. The angle may be the same, but the grip has never had the same feel as a government model. So I took a spare pair of 1911 grips that were sitting in a miscellaneous parts bin, and dropped the pistol off with a local smith, who shaved down the original plastic grip, installed some anchors for the grip screws, and then fit the 1911 grips to the pistol.

I also had him install a scope rail, allowing me to mount an Adco red dot scope on top. (I won the scope earlier this year at The Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun match.)

This pistol has quickly become my favorite Steel Challenge gun, as well as my gun for training newbies to shoot a pistol.


11 thoughts on “Of Rimfire Pistols, Steel Challenge, and Android

  1. Hey, cool, it worked! In a grand total of fifteen minutes, I was able to install the app, take the photo, write the post, and upload the image.

    Pretty sweet.

  2. That’s one of those things I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time.

    How sturdy does it feel? My Mk.III gets the heck shot out of it and bangs around in my range bag the rest of the time (it’s part of the reason I went with fixed sights; Shootin’ Buddy’s 22/45’s sights are all the time getting fuXX0r3d in his range bag) and I’d be kinda worried about the bushings tearing out of the zytel.

  3. Tam-

    It feels very sturdy. I haven’t taken it apart or anything, but the gun feels solid. I don’t blame you for sticking with iron sights. However, I decided to put the dot on it because I happened to have the scope just sitting on top of the safe, not doing anything.

    I’ve read here and there that some people advocate shooting Open class as a way to speed up your shooting skills with iron-sighted Production and Limited-class guns. I’m kind of hoping the same thing will apply with a scoped .22 as my transitions are t3h suck.


    I’m not good enough to go to Piru yet. I figure if I can climb up the ladder a bit higher at the regional matches, then I’ll consider a trip to Cali.

  4. You got an Android phone too, huh?

    I recently set up an open steel gun. 1962-era MKII, slab-side stocks, CMore SDS red dot. next step will be to thread the barrel for a .22 compensatory (or a can…)

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  7. Nice setup KN! I am shooting steel up at Ben Avery with the Deer Tribe guys with my mk2 govt target dressed with fo front and VQ trigger setup specifically for my transitions, as the gun is very front heavy forcing me to drive it hard. It has helped my limited gun transitions already from what I can tell!

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