Steel Challenge


I’m running my new-old 22/45 at a steel challenge match today. If you’re looking to get started in competitive action shooting, this is a great game to start with.

The gear requirements are pretty minimal, you can get away with a pistol, holster and five magazines, or in the rimfire division, a .22 pistol and five magazines.


At a full match, there’s a total of eight stages with five targets on each and you shoot each stage five times.

There are enough different divisions for everyone to play, and at any given match you’re likely to see anything from iron-sight .22 revolvers to fully blown Open Class race blasters.


Going to a match? Grab a friend. Hetre curtis runs a Beretta 87 with an Aimpoint micro R1.

If you have any reservations about getting into competition because of byzantine rules or not having the right equipment, then Steel Challenge is the game for you.


3 thoughts on “Steel Challenge

  1. There’s a lot of steel club matches near me each month, but surprisingly few Steel Challenge matches.

    And by “few” I mean there’s none at all. No Bianchi Cup, either. Can’t figure out why.

  2. Kevin, consider checking out the local matches. Even if they aren’t quote-unquote official Steel Challenge matches, they may turn out to be a lot of fun.

    Besides, matches always make for good blog fodder.

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