IDPA Defensive Multigun Rules released

So, IDPA has released a set of provisional multigun rules.  You can peruse them here.

I’m of two minds about this.

I love anything that gets more people into practical shooting, and the IDPA/DMG rules might actually do just that.   IDPA/DMG seem to cover some ground that USPSA and the big outlaw matches have overlooked, specifically, pistol-caliber carbines.  There are plenty of shooters out there with PCCs, and now they have a ruleset that they can be competitive in.  IDPA/DMG will also likely be popular with rangemasters and match directors, as they can set up a challenging match without the hassle and expense of long-range shooting.  Finally, IDPA/DMG will probably be easier for a new shooter to get into with minimal cash outlay.  The non-freestyle course design and low round counts should make this game the marijuana to the Mexican Speedballs of USPSA and outlaw multigun.  😉

That said, I worry about the long-term popularity of the game.  Let’s face it – IDPA is really late to the game with this.  There were IDPA club matches running unsanctioned multigun side shoots ten years ago. A lot of match directors probably have multigun rules that they’ve been using for some time, and those matches are unlikely to change.

So, we’ll see.  I might have to get my pump gun out of long-term storage again…


3 thoughts on “IDPA Defensive Multigun Rules released

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  2. Chris, would that be the same pump action shotgun we ran in the side matches at Wildcat so many years ago?

    Wasn’t that, a 20 gauge skeet gun with a 28 inch barrel?

  3. Justin,

    No, my 20ga. 870 went to my little brother a few years ago. My pump gun is an 18.5″ Winchester Ranger 1200.

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