Throwing Down the Gauntlet to Hi-Point Fans.

Ok, so if you go to practically any gun forum on the internet, and people start talking about inexpensive or cheap guns, inevitably the Hi-Point fans come crawling out of the woodwork to advocate how the Hi-Point design is just as good as a Glock/SIG/CZ/M&P/other popular semi-auto pistol.

They will, at great length, talk about how the guns are accurate, durable, and just the bee’s knees for any application you’d care to use a handgun for.

And woe unto you if you dare to criticize their bargain-bin darling! If you so much as point out that the guns use a sub-optimal operating system for the calibers in which they’re chambered, you will automatically get labeled as one of those monocle-wearing, mustache-twirling, poor-people-hating gun snobs.

Now, shooting can be a somewhat spendy sport. Between the costs of ammo, gear, match fees, etc. it can put a definite crimp in your wallet. So, I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money without losing out on performance.

So, I’m going to take this opportunity to lay it all out there. I’m willing to give the Hi-Point a shot, and here’s my proposal.

One of you, who’s a true believer in the superiority of the Hi-Point, provide me with a Hi-Point C-9 9mm handgun. No laser. No compensator. Just the barebones stock gun. The only other accessories I require are four extra magazines (for a grand total of five.)

You transfer the gun to the FFL of my choice (contact me at wayofthemultigun ->at<-, I'll pay for the background check and transfer.

For the cost of the gun plus shipping, here's what I will do:

I will objectively test the Hi-Point C-9 under competitive settings.

-I will shoot the Hi-Point at no less than six local Steel Challenge matches.
-It will be entered into the matches as a second entry, so I will shoot it against my primary Production Division CZ-85, which will be the gun used as a benchmark.
-I will use the same ammunition for both guns.
-Both guns will be used to shoot the same stages at least three times each.
-I will post the results of how I placed at each match with both guns.
-I will dutifully log any and all malfunctions, failures, and breakages with both firearms so that they may be compared for relative levels of reliability.

If, after shooting the Hi-Point at these six matches, I manage to place higher with the Hi-Point, I will compete at a state-level Steel Challenge match with this gun. If provided with Hi-Point branded apparel (hat, shirt, etc.) I will wear it during this match.

However, if the Hi-Point fails to live up to the reputation of its online adherents and I do not place as well as or better with the Hi-Point, or it fails mechanically to the point where I can no longer use it at matches, I reserve the right to bag on Hi-Point guns to my heart's content from now until the day I die.

37 thoughts on “Throwing Down the Gauntlet to Hi-Point Fans.

  1. I think that if you (somehow) place higher with the Hi-Point, you should shoot it as your pistol at RM3G…


  2. I’m in for a few bucks!

    You’ve got my email addy – tell me where to mail the check!
    Anyone else in?

  3. Actually yeah – If the Hi Point fans punk out, Gun Nuts Media will finance a portion of this for no other reason than seeing this happen is easily worth $150 to me.

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  5. OK,
    do you have a Gun Shop that you use so I can send you a Hi-Point C-9??
    I have been shooting a C-9 at our local range match ( IDPA style run and gun) on Tuesday nights for he last 8 months or so and have placed in the top 5 almost every shoot…Yes I also shoot a FN-9 and enjoy it too– I personally think that the c-9 will function fine for you although it does not have some of the “nice” features of other guns.
    If you take some time and sight it in-break it in- shoot it a bit and become comfortable with it, I bet you will find it a worthy( affordable ) firearm.
    keep in mind if you are reloading for the CZ and you run pipsqueek loads thru it, you might have to increase the power factor for the c-9 because it is a blow-back firearm.( I use federal american eagle )
    Yes I am the President of the company that has marketed Hi-Point for the last 24 years, but I will pull a gun straight from inventory and send it to you, if you wish to call me 937-454-0363 ….I think this could be fun…any way you look at it you get some extra trigger time…!!!

    Charlie B

  6. Dude, this is officially awesome. Like Tam, I am eagerly awaiting the results of this party. Take lots of pictures.

  7. Awesome offer Charlie B.
    Look forward to seeing Justin conduct this test…and can I shoot it???? I am in the market for an inexpensive reliable handgun that I can compete with.

  8. Like Charlie Brown said, use plain ball ammo. The blow back action is SLOW to reciprocate, you could measure the time it takes for the slide to cycle with a sundial.

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  10. I always saw HiPoint as making decent truck box guns, but this should definitely be interesting. Not a Ferarri, but it should make point A to point B.

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  13. I can’t wait to see the results here… This has been adequately funded now and hopefully it will even be on gun nuts TV. It looks like it could be a companion for the 5 gun master piece.

  14. Any word yet on arrival?? For the lack of any other things to do, looking forward to watch the testing.

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  16. I am NOT a Hi-Point fanboy.

    I do not now, nor have I ever owned a Hi-point.

    But I can see no reason why any Hi-point fanboy would take this challenge.

    All CJR would have to do is purposefully miss or limp-wrist, or yank the trigger to win the challenge outright.

    The only way this challenge can be worthy is under the following circumstances.

    1) The actual shooting of the actual Hi-Point must be done by a third party who has no real interest in the actual outcome.

    2) There needs to be more at stake than the “right to bag on Hi-Points.”
    Guns or ammo or money or beer, or something needs to change hands based on the outcome.

    I’d say, set it up so that the third-party shooter gets paid or gets some ammo or a gun or something, no matter the outcome.

    And have both the anti-Hi-point and pro-Hi-point folks put something at risk.

    Heck, put up a rack of good barbecue ribs. But put up something more than the “right to bag on Hi-points.”

  17. I have a Hi-Point in both 9mm and .45. I’ve not put them through extensive range time under harsh conditions, and I have noticed that some people limp wrist them enough to have problems. I can usually correct that with a little instruction.

    I’m no fan-boy; I don’t like them nearly as much as I like my Glock, or my XD, or my buddy’s Smith and Wesson, or his Sig.

    Or pretty much most other pistols I have fired, for that matter. But at the price, I have absolutely no regrets about having purchased them. I needed a cheap handgun for my mom’s house and range time. The Hi-Point works.

    I also just bought the Hi-Point 9mm carbine, but I can’t report on it yet as I haven’t had it out to the range yet.

  18. Oops, forgot to add my main point: although I give the Hi-Pouint some defense, I wouldn’t pay you to shoot it. As another commenter said above, there’s nothing in it for me. I really don’t care what people think of them.

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  21. Anyone who would argue that hi-point will ‘outshoot’ a superior pistol is nuts. I think the main argument is that it shoots well enough. Far beyond its price tag would suggest and far beyond the insane amounts of internet haters would have you believe.

  22. so lets see a free gun so you can make any out come you wish with no control group or standards other than readers trust your honesty…. lets be real honest if you didnt firmly feel that it would turn out your way you wouldnt be doing this. im not a hi point or cz or sw. i will shoot any thing that fits the need at the time and does what i need it to do. hi point fills a spot in the market that other brands are over looking. low price ultra simple cheap working gun for folks that dont need anything nice or fancy. its made in usa 100 percent and has one of the best backings from any company. this is stupid. the test is majorly flawed and proves nothing other than most folks are biased and wanna trash on something else so they can feel better about life or the purchase they made etc. id bet the cost of a hi point most here would trash talk a taraus as well as ruger or kel tec and other brands. but its forbidden to say anything bad about sw. glock or colt. all hail the might m and p. ha. tried one, nothing so great about it. just another wonder nine made of plastic. really good advertising firm sw has that stupid pistols as popular as yalls president. how many military branches of the usa use the m and p? zero hero. how many police depts? about an eight as many as those that use glocks and sw. so good name sex sells. well folks im an older fart. i remember clearly sw selling out its customers to bill clinton. piss on them. i will never own one ever. last one i fired i felt like a dirty communist or hippy just holding it. im also old enough to remember several glocks going ka boom with un supported chambers for the 40 sw round. thats far short of perfection. and even further back i remember buying colt and kimber 1911s that you had to take to a gun smith and have them “work up” to make the guns run and feed. the idea of a best or perfect gun is not for sale any where. its not a hi point by a long shot. it was not made or sold as the best pistol, but the hi point fan boys have a lotta ground to stand on. the stupid ugly things work and you can buy two or three for the cost of what many consider a decent gun. would i take one to match? hell no. would you take a smart car to drag race and expect to win? get real get a life stop trying to man up or bully up by doing and saying things that are clear. go practice with the gun you like spend your time learning how to use your gun for your need. let the fan boys talk. they are proud of the fact they can do so much with so little. so was a lot of yalls ex girl friends. it happens. wanna have a real test every one send your over priced guns to me to do a torture test and see how long it takes me to make off with a bandit with a bag of high dollar polymer and sell em to buy a six gun lol.

  23. This all is a bunch of garbage and if anyone thinks straight for a moment and quits being so prejudiced about price, etc. they will realize it. You can get a lemon in any brand and you can get a great firearm in any brand. Hi-Point never claims to be a Glock, Sig, etc. It is what it is. I have three (9mm, 40 and 45) and they all shoot great. I have 8 other Pistols also (that cost a lot more). This argument is getting real old. I dare anyone to show me a firearm that costs the same as a Hi-Point that works as well as they do. People just want to justify whatever it is they own. Who cares as long as they are happy with their purchase!
    A lot of people must have a really bad self-concept if their pride keeps getting in the way.
    My Hi-Points get me form point A to B just as well as my Glock and Sig. Are they pretty, no! However, they are very dependable.

  24. There’s nothing wrong with a Hi-Point (ive never owned one) I have done my research and will buy one soon enough, I have heard nothing but good things besides from people online who don’t shoot guns or never shot a hi point and just bash the price! I have a Beretta M9 25th anniversary Wilson Combat cost around $1100-$1200 my other handguns I own hi-power,G17,HK USP,Steyr M9a1,cobray mac11a1,sp01,p95,sig 2022,m&p9,shield9,kimber carry ,Kahr CW9,Sig 1911,public defender, will soon add a Hi Point C9(brother-in-law has one he loves them he has a lot of nicer guns then me)

    Hi-Point has Amazing Customer Service from what I’ve read(free mag and quick) cheap Price, and if you know anything about guns you can Polish the Trigger Group to lighten the trigger,polish feed ramp clean up the slide, and you have a Glock

    would I use one for self defense,I don’t use guns for defense, but if I knew it was reliable after putting a lot of rounds thru it, I rather have a Hi Point confiscated then my WC Beretta,1911 or Hi Power. I use my guns for Plinking & Fun hopefully competition soon, Aluminum Louisville(played baseball all my life),mace,taser,whooping they @$$ is my first line of defense.

    Guns Snobs Are Annoying! Specially glock guys who hate on every other gun but glocks, my Mac 11 is more comfortable then my glock and the mac11 is a straight brick!

    Glocks & Hi Point = fraternal Twins! look a little different(both ugly),do the same thing. One just cost more and the other has better ergonomics ill let you guess which.

    To all you gun snobs, Don’t even try telling me HP are crap If yours is having problems send to HI-Point they’ll fix it and will send it back with a free mag(i heard about it not 100% sure they do that still? But I think so) the ones I’ve encountered were fun reliable and just as accurate as a Glock just a bit grittier when fresh out the box!

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