Hesse/Vulcan/Blackthorne Arms: Dumpster Divers of their Betters.

There’s a manufacturer of firearms out there who’s name is usually only said in tones of harsh hatred.

Their products are so uniformly bad that they’ve changed names at least twice in the last few years in order to bilk unsuspecting consumers into buying more of their shoddy products. Now, via the blog Banana FuFu we find out that not only do Blackthorne, formerly Vulcan, formerly Hesse products suck worse than the event horizon of a black hole, they’re also made from the parts that other companies discard for being out of spec.

Blackthorne Products Suck and They Lie.

(Tip of the hat to this thread over at THR where the above link was found.)


One thought on “Hesse/Vulcan/Blackthorne Arms: Dumpster Divers of their Betters.

  1. I remember Vulcan..they had some shoddy-looking MP5 clones too.

    On a sidenote..I feel bad for the folks at Valkyrie Arms…they have some things you won’t find elsewhere (don’t know about their quality control) and they often get mistaken for Vulcan. Even though they seem to be having management issues and their catalog changes from 1 item to 10 then back to 1 quite frequently apparently.

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