The Hi-Point Gauntlet Has Been Picked Up

I just got off the phone with Charlie at MKS Supply who’s being gracious enough to ship a Hi-Point C-9 out for me to run in the local Steel Challenge matches.

He’s an incredibly nice guy, and I’m frankly surprised at the response the blog post has generated, both in page views and in official attention from people associated with Hi-Point.

The gun should be here next week, and I’ll post updates as things develop.

Just as a quick addendum to the rules in the first post, while I may be skeptical of Hi-Points, I do promise to give the gun a fair shake. I’ll run a couple of hundred rounds through it for break in and to make sure it runs with my hand loads before undertaking the official tests. If my load needs to be tweaked a bit for the gun to run reliably, I’ll adjust it accordingly. Which is only fair, it’s what I do with any of my other competition guns.

I’m definitely looking forward to this. 😀


10 thoughts on “The Hi-Point Gauntlet Has Been Picked Up

  1. I’ve been thinking about building a different “Odd” Open gun every year for the Steel challenge. Things like a WWII Luger, J Frame S&W 5 shot…and of coarse a Hi-Point.

    Looks like you’re gonna beat me to the Challenge with yours, but I’m interested to see how it holds up.


  2. It is interesting, actual documented testing. That is preferable to the never ending it rocks/it sucks back and forth between anonymous characters on the net. I have followed the where there is smoke there might be fire approach about those, but if C.B. hadn’t picked up the gauntlet I’d have thrown in $20 just out of curiosity.
    Like I said over at Tam’s place, if you get the idea to do some kind of long term tests with the carbine, count me in for $20 towards the test gun.

  3. Curtis-

    If the Hi-Point outruns the CZ, I will wear the hat and shirt. 🙂

    Also, Stuart’s volunteered to be the official photographer for the Hi-Point Throwdown. But more photos are always better.

  4. While the pistols seem to be iffy..their carbines are awesome. I really like mine..even if I did buy it used and got totally shafted on the price.
    And yes..I own one of their it for like $3 at the NRA expo here a couple of years ago.

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