Three Months or So With the S&W M&P Pro…

We’ve been taking so much lately about lousy guns; let’s talk about a good one.  Back around the first of April, I purchased a Smith and Wesson M&P 5″ Pro Series in 9mm Para.  I already had two M&P standard models covering carry and defensive duty, so this one was going to be a dedicated USPSA Production pistol.

Right out of the box, this was an impressive gun.  During my first practice session with it, I managed several 3″ offhand groups at 25 yards, as well as my first ever sub-2-second Bill Drill.


The M&P Pro itself, along with the rest of my Production rig.

In the three months I’ve had the M&P Pro, I’ve put just under 4000 rounds through it.  This includes shooting it in the USPSA VA/MD Sectionals, the Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun match, the MGM Ironman, and the C.U.S.S. class.  Except on the days I’ve been out of the state, I’ve also dryfired it for at least 30 minutes a night.  As you can see, this piece has some holster wear…

Another angle. No, I don't clean it much.

I have made some changes to the M&P’s factory configuration.  After the C.U.S.S. class, I swapped out the fiber optic sights for a set of Warren Tactical black-on-black fixed sights.  My carry pistols already wear Warren 2-dot night sights, so that was a pretty easy transition.

Shortly after I bought the M&P Pro, I suffered a couple of extraction failures.  This is a pretty well documented issue with the M&P line, and fortunately there are some good solutions.  Around round 1000, I installed and fitted a tool steel extractor from Speed Shooter Specialties, and have had no malfunctions of any kind since then.  I also installed a competition action kit from Apex Tactical.  If you have an M&P, you should try one of these things.  The competition version that I installed yielded a perfectly crisp trigger pull of around 2.5 pounds, with a short and very distinct reset.  When I get a chance, I plan on putting the M&P on the Trigger-Scan and posting a graph of the trigger weight.  Finally, I stippled the frontstrap and grip insert in a houndstooth pattern, which provides a nice sticky grip with sweaty hands.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how the M&P Pro has ended up.  If you need a solid platform for IDPA stock or enhanced, USPSA Production, 3-Gun, or even duty use, you could do quite a lot worse.



6 thoughts on “Three Months or So With the S&W M&P Pro…

  1. CJR-

    I am looking for some feedback about the M&P9c. Am considering one for a backup carry piece and could use some advice. Contact me off-blog.


  2. I thought any external modifications, ie stippling, would have the pistol excluded from production division.

  3. Just bought the M&P pro series CORE. IN .40 cal 4 1/4 barrel…..with optics. What holster do you use or prefer…..thanks

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