Over at GNM, Caleb was pontificating about logging your round count, keeping track of malfunctions, et cetera.

It’s probably a good idea to keep a log of rounds fired, although it’s not something I’ve always done myself.  Even more important, though, is keeping a practice log – a record of the drills you shoot, the times and scores you put up, et cetera.  I’ve been keeping a record of my practices since 2008, and I’m constantly referring back to those old notes.  I use them to figure out where my weak points are, what I need to practice more, and how I can further refine my training.

So, some dudes in the comments section mentioned a web service called Rangelog.com.  It looks like an interesting service – you can log your practice sessions and matches online, keep track of your round counts, maintenance, modifications, and tons of other information.  It’s an interesting idea, and I’m thinking about signing up for it.  Anyone out there ever tried this service?


3 thoughts on “Rangelog.com?

  1. I registered when the Personal Armament Podcast interview was posted, it was a great interview Rob. I bought the product after hearing you guys go through the details. If you listen to the podcast, the owner gave a promo code that gives you the premium version for 90 days. I cannot remember what it was, but I know that I registered with one.

    I love RangeLog.com and will continue to use it after I am done with the trial period. The reporting is better than anything I could have put together in excel and I can access it from my mobile phone’s web browser. Oh! I registered with an account I setup to see if they would spam me… So far, so good.

    I wish they had an app, but that is my only complaint.

  2. Love http://www.Rangelog.com and the mobile website is priceless. My only complaint is I don’t get to practice enough, but when I do I add my rounds from phone. It even helped me map my way to a range when I could not find the right street.

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