July Tidewater 3-Gun AAR

Yesterday I wandered down to the furthest reaches of Southern VA to visit the folks, and shoot the monthly Tidewater 3-Gun match.

The Tidewater 3-Gun is held on the sprawling U.S. Training Center facility (formerly known as Blackwater, formerly known as Xe, or whatever…), so the Tidewater folks have all the resources they need to put on a smokin’ match.  As usual, they didn’t disappoint.

My own shooting, not so much.  Although my shotgun and pistol game were dead on, my rifle had inexplicably shifted it’s zero about 3MOA towards 8:00.  To add insult to injury, I had planned on going out to the range Saturday to shoot the rifle, but passed on it due to rain.  Sigh.  Lessons learned.

We had four good stages, 2 pistol/rifle (including a very cool mid-range stage on the USTC 1000-yard range) and 2 multigun.  As usual, the kind folks at USTC provided lots of props for our entertainment.  Hitting a flash target at 175 yards doesn’t sound too hard, until you have to hit it offhand through the window of a junked car…

Anyhow, I managed to scrape out like 5th or 6th place.  The always-dangerous Robb J. picked up the top spot, no surprise there.  Congrats, Robb!

Next match will be August 8th or therebouts.  Be there!


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