Keeping Magazines Organized

Ok, I’ve got a problem.

As you might imagine, I’ve got a bunch of guns.

I also happen to have a lot of magazines to go with those guns.

And my current way of organizing them is really not very optimal.

So, does anyone out there have an easy way to store all of your spare magazines? What do you use to store them? Where do you keep them?


15 thoughts on “Keeping Magazines Organized

  1. I know it’s pricey, but I’m setting up multiple small range bags…one for each gun and a large bag for each game…

    So I’ve got a bag for my pair of P220’s, one for the 229, M&P and the 1911. Each bag has the mags for each gun and the appropriate holster and mag carriers.

    When I go to shoot an IDPA match, I take the small bag with the P220s, and throw it into my IDPA match bag that has my cover garment, timer, hat, sunscreen and all that stuff.

  2. Not sure how many mags you have, but either way- something like this should be perfect.. You could even print out labels for each drawer for quick reference; and it fits perfectly in a closet or near a safe.

    Doesn’t have to be from walmart, or that particular model, just suggesting the type of container..

    If you wanted your mags in a safe though, I would suggest shelves. Many shelves with dividers for the different types of mags.

    Just my 2 pennies.

  3. A couple of things…
    What is your current storage method?
    Would you like home storage, or do you want range-ready storage?

    I’ve tried:
    Clear ziplock baggies for each type of magazine (not bad)
    Keep them loose in the range bag (rather evil)
    A cardboard box for all mags (evil)
    Inside a pistol case in the mag pocket. This works well for going to the range, but not for competitions that require the gun be kept secured while reloading mags. If you open the case to load the mags, the gun is out in the open – bad. This led me to…
    CED Magazine Storage Pouches – (very good, use 1 for each type of mag, then put them in the range bag accordingly) Put an iron-on label on the outside to show the mag type – our GSSF patches work well for the Glock mags. In competition, you can keep the gun separate from the mags.
    Midway Tactical Pistol Case – This is my latest attempt; having the mags OUTSIDE the case will allow reloading access without opening the pistol case in violation of competition rules. They’re cheap – I bought one for each of our 4 competition pistols.

    Anyway, what is working for me is to really think through HOW I want to use the mag cases before trying to shop. And just as 1 holster doesn’t suit all needs, no 1 storage method suits all needs.

  4. I don’t have enough room in the gun safe to store magazines. I think one of those Sterilite containers may just do the trick, though.

    Mostly I just need a place to drop the mags off once I’ve gotten back from the range that’s convenient enough that I won’t be tempted to just leave them in a pile on the coffee table.

  5. I also have a bunch of pistols and the mags to go with them. I use plastic fishing lure storage boxes with hinged lids for storing mags. I buy the ones that have the fixed dividers running the length of the box making four fixed compartments. Then I use the included movable dividers to make eight compartments total.

    These hold 8-STI/SVI 140mm mags with Dawson base pads; 16-1911 8 or 10 round mags; 16-Browning Hi Power mags; 8-Bul M-5 mags; etc. I use a smaller version for storing Kahr mags. The boxes are stackable and easy to store. I put a label on the end of each box so I can see at a glace which mags are in it.

    I’m not sure if this the exact model I use but they look like this:


  6. If you reload, I use the boxes the bullets come in. They’re the right size for pistol and AR magazines. maybe 4-5 AR mags or 8-10 pistol mags each box. I’m using zero bullet boxes. Also, the CCI 5k primer bricks are good too.

  7. +1 for sterilite containers. Costco sold ~8″x11″ containers and lids in a bulk pack for a negligible cost.

    I also bought a utility wire rack/shelf. I set the shelf height so that I can stack 3 boxes high. Top box usually has parts, grips, sights, etc… Lower boxes have magazines.

    The solution is cheap and keeps things very well organized. The boxes work great for 20rd FAL mags & 20rd AK mags. Not sure how many 30rd AR mags would fit…

    BTW – I store ammo on another utility rack with some plywood over the shelves. Rifle ammo on the bottom, pistol ammo higher up.

  8. I use ammo cans, and stencil them with what’s inside.

    then again, I sort of have an inside line on cans…

  9. I use a sophisticated device called the “tactical matte brown recyclable corrugated cellulose bulk magazine storage container”.

    I’ve been told that I could have gotten them a lot cheaper by going to any retail establishment and asking if they had any leftover cardboard boxes…

  10. Sterlite makes a shoe box sized container that works well. For my AR mags, I use a duct tape reienforced box ala Tam.

  11. Over The Door Clear Hanging Pocketed Closet Shoe Organizer. 24 clear pockets. You can mark them a marker or put on labels. Fits rifle or pistol mags. Get them on ebay for about 20.00

  12. I use a Task Force red steel locking tool box, with non-slip pads in the drawers and dividers. Everything is labeled, and I also have a written inventory; with 30+ weapons, it’s impractical to know how many what should be where without it. Heck, most mags have stick-on labels as well so I don’t inadvertantly take 9mm Springfield XD mags when I meant to grab .45ACP mags. I also have waterproof Plano storage boxes for bulk storage of AR mags, as well as a “bug out” setup that will store 15 AR mags as well as a dozen Beretta and 1911 mags each for when you need to get out of Dodge pronto. I do this because I don’t actually have enough tactical pistol or rifle cases for each weapon, and even then the cases only hold ~4-8 mags. This way when headed to the range and I decide which 9mm or .45ACP is going, or whether to take a 5.56 rifle vs. .300 AAC Blackout, I just grab one pistol case and one rifle case from the shelf, stuff in the appropriate mags, grab the weapons from the safe, and roll.

  13. For my AR mags I use MTM’s Tactical Magazine Storage Cans. These are plastic ammo storage boxes with foam rubber inserts made to store 15 AR mags securely, and the boxes are stackable. I have asked them, and they are working on a similar product for 7.62×51 mags. For my pistol mags, like others, I store these in my range bag by pistol. I have a large, backpack style range bag designed for pistol shooting storage.

  14. Just heard back from MTM. They informed me that they will be coming out with three new tactical mag cans in February 2016. These will be in addition to their already existing .223 Tactical Mag Cans. I expect that at least one of the three will be designed to hold 7.62×51/.308 mags (M1A, FAL); I would also think that they would come out with at least one to hold common pistol mags. To repeat from an earlier post, these are fishing tackle box-type hinged plastic storage containers with molded foam rubber inserts and slots for the mags. I love mine and store all my AR mags in them. I can’t wait for MTM to come out with the others in February. I will be storing all of my mags this way if I can. I have been delighted with the organization and practicality of this storage solution (they even stack!). Way cool.

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