Hi-Point Throwdown: Trigger Pullin’

It's kind of like Bobby Flay's show. But with guns.

Yesterday I promised to post up my general impressions from taking the Hi-Point out to the range to do some general blasting.

The temperature was in the high 90s, and being a glutton for punishment I dragged out enough steel to set up two Steel Challenge stages, Pendulum and Speed Option.

Evidently, I’ve got pretty good friends, as one of them was actually willing to accompany me to run the timer, shoot video, and write stuff down. Seriously. And you all thought I was a friendless gun dork.

So, anyway…

I ran both the Hi-Point and CZ-85 side-by-side on Pendulum, shooting the stage three times with each gun. However, there is one primary difference between how I shot both guns. With the CZ, I ran the gun starting from the surrender position, drawing from a holster, and then engaging the targets. I don’t yet have a holster for the Hi-Point (anyone got one kicking around in an old holster box you want to donate?), so I ran it from the low ready position. Running the Hi-Point from low-ready is not an inconsequential advantage, especially given that my time from the buzzer to first shot from the surrender position are glacially slow, in the 1.6-1.9 second range.

So, here are the results for three rounds recorded for Pendulum:

Gun 1 2 3 Combined Times
Hi-Point 6.86 5.56 7.04 12.42
CZ-85 22.95* 6.85 4.64 11.49

Here are the times for Speed Option:

1 2 3 4 5 Combined Times
Hi-Point 5.02 9.01** 7.96 6.81 9.71 28.8
CZ-85 6.97 4.97 5.55 9.22 4.88 22.37

*Two failures: One stuck round due to a case with a bent case mouth, and one light primer strike.
**Jam. Failure to feed.

At a proper Steel Challenge match, you run each stage five times, throw out the worst time, and add up the remainders. You might notice that the CZ has a pretty bad time that got tossed. I managed to have an out-of-spec round finds it’s way into my magazine, which caused the gun to jam up quite bad, followed by a light primer strike.

As for the Hi-Point. Well, the recoil impulse could best be described as meandering. Seriously. The gun has one of the slowest cyclic rates I’ve ever seen. On top of that, the muzzle jumps quite a bit more than other pistol designs, so shot-to-shot transitions feel wonky and a bit slow. When moving from one target to the next, I’ll be honest, the cycling of the gun isn’t that big of a deal.

Surprisingly, the sights are incredibly easy to track. You remember that bright enamel paint mentioned earlier? It actually does a pretty good job of making the sights easy to see and therefore align. Yeah, you heard me. I’m giving actual props to one of the features of the Hi-Point.

So those were the recorded times from the practice session. I also dumped quite a few rounds through the gun (all told, about 200) to get used to how the gun points and functions. So far, the little pistol has shown to be not all that bad. Of course, the point of this whole exercise is to run rounds through it in repeatable circumstances to see if “not all that bad” holds up, and if it does, I’m going to need to find out what kind of side dish tastes best with crow.

In the meantime, here are a couple of videos:


10 thoughts on “Hi-Point Throwdown: Trigger Pullin’

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  2. All of the following holsters should work. The cheapest solution is the Crossman Air Pistol which Wal-Mart carries.
    Vega #N150
    Vega – #T258
    Houston Holster #RPHP
    Safariland Nylok Snap Strap Field Right Handed Holster – # 4073
    Uncle Mike’s side kick – #16
    Uncle Mike’s side kick – #15
    FOBUS standard – #HP2
    Galco M5X – #M5X464
    Crosman air pistol holster -one size fits all
    federal holsterworks – #4
    Bulldog extreme holster – size 30
    bulldog hybrid holster – size 7
    ProTech intimidator – size 30
    sportsmans guide belt slide holster – size Large
    BlackHawk Cordura – size medium
    Bianchi – 14A

  3. Taking a look at the best approximations I could get from the videos and starting at the first shot to eliminate the draw, your time for the Hi-Point seemed to be only about 1/2 second slower. That does seem “not all that bad” for a new gun on its first outing.

  4. you don’t need a holster for the hi point just stick it in the back of your pants. You think hi point owners use holsters?

  5. “Evidently, I’ve got pretty good friends, as one of them was actually willing to accompany me to run the timer, shoot video, and write stuff down. Seriously. And you all thought I was a friendless gun dork.”

    Either you had a 6 year old boy running your clock or that was a chick.
    I’m hoping it was a chick in order to give hope to all the real friendless gun dorks out there that would give their left pinky toe for a woman willing to go to the range and run a timer for them.

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  7. I notice your form is a little different between guns. Your right elbow looks locked when shooting the C-9 vice much more relaxed with the CZ85.

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