Hi-Point Throwdown Update

Fate conspired against me this week, and between getting stuck at the office late, and walking out the door without my wallet, I didn’t get a chance to shoot the match.

This weekend I’ll be shooting the Weld County State Steel Challenge match, and hope to have a writeup.  I know it’s a disappointment, but I won’t be running the Hi-Point at the state match.  Yeah, I know, BOO.

Next week, Chris and I will be attending Rocky Mountain 3 Gun Nationals.  Hopefully we’ll make good on the promise to do that whole live blogging thing this year…


3 thoughts on “Hi-Point Throwdown Update

  1. The world awaits the long promised “live” blog from RM3G. Some pre-comp musings perhaps, to whet our appetites, a few harmless pics of the evening merriment’s, c’on, throw us a bone! (I’ll pass along my latest ‘Tales of a Humble Man in Bangkok’ as a fair trade.)
    Shoot well

  2. John, tell Chris to get his butt in gear.

    I’ve got the Android WordPress App installed on my phone, so we’ll see about getting some posts up while on the range.

    Cell reception at Whittington is spotty, though…

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