Rocky Mountain 3 Gun: Day 2


I initially wrote this post on my phone, and thought that it had uploaded. I thought wrong. So enjoy some moldy oldy blog posting here while I get around to doing a full writeup.

Also, Chris has all the video, so if you want to see any footage from the match, be sure to bug him. 😀



Today will be a good day. Heavy rifle stages, lots of slug targets, a pick up Thompson Contender and a bayonet.

We got some good footage yesterday, so keep an eye peeled for it.

As for the picture of the car, well, that’s what 3gun looks like. It’s a gear intensive sport, but at least it’s cooler than golf.

Also, if you find yourself in Raton, NM and in need of a breakfast sandwich and cup of coffee, I have to yet again recommend the Enchanted Grounds Coffee House.


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