Random Ruminations on Rocky Mountain 3 Gun

So, I’ve had a couple of days to digest and reflect on this year’s RM3G match, and here are a few unorganized thoughts about it.

-Raton is a neat town, despite being tiny.

-RM3G is a great match.

-3 Gun is a phenomenal sport. Show up to a big match, and there’s a good chance that you can meet Jerry Miculek, Daniel Horner, Matt Burkett, etc. I’m aware of no other sport where the best people in the game are so accessible. After all, how many basketball fans can say they’ve not just met Michael Jordan, but also gotten game tips from him?

-Holy cow, do I need to learn how to move faster.

-Holy cow, Jared Millinazo is fast.

-Shooting a stage after you’ve blown the crotch out of your pants is harder than you’d think.

-So is kicking open a door.

-And hitting rifle targets when your zero is off slightly.

-If the sport is going to demand that I must shoot a shotgun like it’s a rifle, it may very well be time to install a rear sight for making those long-range slug shots.

-I need more practice shooting rifles offhand and kneeling.

-I need more practice shooting Texas Stars.

-More to come…


2 thoughts on “Random Ruminations on Rocky Mountain 3 Gun

  1. They had a stage where you had to kick open a prop door. I hit it too low and not hard enough and it didn’t open. It was kind of hilarious.

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