Michael Bane Gets to Shoot Cool Guns.

Ok, color me a bit jealous. Over at his blog, the always interesting Michael Bane talks about getting his mitts on some cool guns,  including Matt Burkett’s .500 S&W Pump Rifle and a full-auto KRISS .45 ACP.

Now, I’ll be totally honest. I have no interest in semi-auto pistol caliber carbines. Rifles chambered in pistol cartridges usually just elicit an uninterested “meh” from me.  However, when they’re full auto, then you’ve got something pretty cool:

I’ve yet to see a KRISS in the wild, let alone shoot one at a range. Shooting one of the full-auto ones is something I’d very much like to do, and if Michael’s claim that it recoils like an American 180 is true, I can’t help but think that would be utter buzzgun bliss.


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